Dear Weight Watchers—Exactly what have you been doing with my money??

Each month, about this time, a debit comes out of my checking account for Weight Watchers.  It’s been happening since January 2011.  Even though I’m really bad at math…. I think that comes up to right about $3,200 that I have paid to Weight Watchers over the years. $3,200!!! $3,200 to walk into a building, step on a scale for 7 seconds, get my weight charted on a card, pick up a little Weekly pamphlet and then go sit in my Fat Church Meeting for 45 mins or so. Well, Weight Watchers… what have you been doing with my money all this time??

Let me tell you what I have been doing….. Absolutely NOTHING!! Each month, I check my online statement and say “Well, I have access to my WW App still. And I can still go to my Fat Church meeting. And I will be getting my updated membership card in the mail soon for this month.” And still knowing the investment that I am making into the pockets of Weight Watchers… I am choosing to not make the same investment in MYSELF in order for me to be able to fit into the pockets of my jeans that are too small for me now, hanging in my closet—patiently waiting for me to do something about it.

Despite my monthly payment, I haven’t tracked an entire full day since SmartPoints was introduced. Yeah, THAT long ago!! I know that the single most important part of my past weight loss success was truthfully tracking my points…. And I still have chosen to not participate in it. I’ve had some major health issues/injuries since my hysterectomy last October and been packing on the weight—- which exacerbates the injuries even more because the more weight I’m carrying around makes my knees hurt worse!

When I joined WW, in the first 2 years, I dropped 130 pounds! With every payment I made, I really felt like I was getting my monies worth. And then, little by little since 2013, I’ve been playing the WW yoyo game. I’d lose 10 pounds, gain 17.  Lose 4, gain another 6—- and that little yoyo game has resulted in me gaining back almost 80 pounds of the 130 that I had worked so hard to drop. So, I ask…. What is wrong with me?

I know that without fail, when I do what the Weight Watchers program suggests for me to do, I lose weight! Every single time! But, it hasn’t stopped me from being on a personal mission to taste every cheeseburger in TN. I know that without fail, when I plan my meals and write down my meal plan for the week, I lose weight! But, it hasn’t stopped me from flying by the seat of my pants and eating dinner at 9pm or having popcorn for dinner instead of a planned and delicious meal at 7pm. I know that without fail, when I move more with any form of exercise (despite my physical limitations I have currently), I lose weight! But, I still choose to hit the snooze bar 4 times in the morning, instead of getting up and making an effort to dance/play Wii or Heaven forbid, get the recumbent bike out of the storage locker and put it on the houseboat for me to use. I know that without fail, when I attend one of my Fat Church meetings, I always leave there inspired and pumped up about attacking my next week that is ahead of me! But, that hasn’t kept me from allowing every little excuse that crops up to cause me to miss my meeting. When I show up next time, I may have to re-introduce myself to everyone, since it’s been such a long time since they have laid their eyes on me.

Essentially, what I have been doing is giving a charitable donation to Weight Watchers every month for the past several years.   I don’t know what you have been doing with my money, but I can certify that I have not been doing one, single, solitary thing to cash in on my investment. And the only person that I am hurting in this act of defiance, is myself.

So, it appears that it is high time that I review my list of priorities and get myself back into some kind of working condition. After all, I’m giving you money and not reaping any of the rewards of the Weight Watchers program. By the end of 2017, I expect to see some return of my investment in your company—and that can only happen when I work the program that you provide to me!


The Weight Watcher Member Who Has Been Missing In Action for Years!


Blog 5-19-2017

Picture:  Pre-Weight Watchers- then, 130 pounds lost–then, current weight! Ughhhhh


Dear Weight Watchers— Never Again, Again! 

Dear Weight Watchers— remember me? I was the girl who lost 130 pounds on your program and was featured on the Weekly Magazine for my accomplishment of going from walking with a cane to completing a half marathon! I traveled around Middle TN speaking at meetings and inspiring people to stick with the program— Preaching ‘If you work the program, the program works!” Proclaiming that “Losing weight is simple! Eat less , move more! That’s all it takes-consistently!” 
All this time, I have not been practicing what I preach! No where close to it! Here are a bunch of Truth Bombs I am going to lay out here for you! These are very painful for me to admit, but this is life and how it happens sometimes!

1. I got divorced! I was in an unhappy relationship and I used it to my advantage! Several months after I discovered some less than favorable news, I joined weight watchers and changed my life! I didn’t even realize it until my ex husband pointed it out to me recently that my big life change I experienced with Weight Watchers coincided with the saddest event in my marriage in 2010. He even joked and said ‘Maybe you should be in an unhappy relationship again and you would lose weight again!’ — Which brings me to point #2. 

2. I fell madly in love! Unexpectedly and unlikely— but, this man is everything I ever wanted someone to be who chooses to love me! I am comfortable with him, and with that contentment has come 65 pounds that I have packed back on. My life is filled with sunsets on our pontoon boat and evenings at home on the houseboat, relaxing and snuggling on the couch! All the things I never knew I wanted in a relationship– but I am reaping the rewards of all the heartaches I’ve experienced in my past marriages. I am so overwhelmed with how much I love this man, that sometimes just seeing him literally takes my breath away! This is stuff you only see in movies— but, I have the real deal!!! And somehow, he has stuck around through my ‘expansion project’ and loves me just the same as he did 65 pounds ago! 

3. I haven’t counted one single Smart Point!! Since WW rolled out the new Smart Points, I haven’t tracked and looked up one thing— so, that gives you a snap shot of how long it’s been since I’ve tracked my food. 

4. Exercising…. what’s that?? Remember that I did a half marathon in 2014— well, today– I can’t walk 300 feet without being winded and hobbling! 

5. On Oct 24 of this year, I had a hysterectomy and bladder sling (side note– don’t have a bladder sling done!). I had a 6 day stay in the hospital and left with a wheelchair and walker! My adductor muscles were so compromised during the bladder sling procedure that I wasn’t able to walk without screaming in pain— and I mean screaming!! I had a ‘Charlie Horse’ in my groin muscle for 8 solid hours when I came out of surgery. Since then, I’ve been in physical therapy, getting Euflexxa injections to help postpone my knee replacement I need, and had an additional hoo-ha procedure to ‘fix’ another problem from the surgery. I went in for something simple and my life has been turned upside down! I am frustrated beyond recognition and have been borderline depressed about it— but, guess what makes me feel better??? 

You all know– the one thing that has never disappointed me. No matter what is happening in my life, it’s always there for me.. to be that supportive friend I can run to. When I am happy, it makes me happier! When I’m sad, it confirms ‘Yep, you sure are sad!’ My old pal– FOOD!!! And I have been having a torrid love affair with this old flame again!! I’ve gained 15 pounds since Oct 24. I can’t walk without an enormous amount of pain. It seems I have to take more medicine than I care to take to deal with my discomfort. My smile is missing most of the time— my joy seems to have been misplaced. But, I deserve better than this! 

My previous inspiration to lose weight was to try to transform myself from that woman who had her heart broken into a million pieces into someone who didn’t resemble her at all! But, I have new reasons for inspiration now– 

1. I must walk again! I’m 43 and one of my goals is to be as mobile as possible for as long as possible in my life… and that’s not going too well right now, but– I have to figure out HOW to move again so I can exercise!! I love to exercise, I just have to discover what I CAN do rather than wallowing in my pity of what all I CAN’T do right now! 

2. This man I love deserves to have me to around for a long, long time!! And if I want to be able to live a longer life full of bus trips to bluegrass festivals and to be able to travel the world with him… I’ve got to take better care of myself— which will make me take better care of him! We both deserve to be as happy as possible for as long as possible! 

3. I want to inspire others again. I’ve always been very transparent with my struggles and victories with this life long battle with being fat…. and right now, Fat Kelle is winning the fight—- but, the battle will wage on and I’m gonna tip the scales in my favor (all puns intended)! 

This is hard— when you have 2 good legs and want to lose weight– it’s hard!! It’s even harder when you are working with a huge physical limitation and you are having a secret love triangle with Ronald McDonald and Little Debbie! 

But it can and it WILL be done!! Again! 

Dear Weight Watchers: Is This Some Kind of Punishment?

75 Pounds Gone!

I joined weight watchers January 7, 2011. I have lost 130 pounds. I have gained back 55 of those pounds! I seem to constantly be fighting to get back to the place where I was. Every moment, every hour, every day is a challenge. And one of my biggest obstacles to overcome him is falling back in love with exercising.

Somehow, I had developed this way of thinking that if I eat something that is off plan, then I should force myself to exercise in order to “work it off”. Well, let me tell you how well that’s working for me. The current plan of action is eat things that are not on plan, then decided that I don’t want to exercise, don’t move at all-and then I am shocked when I see you have gained weight on the scale! That is pure fat girl logic! And it is purely wrong!

I ran across this little quote (at the bottom of the blog) and it set my mind to thinking! I used to love to exercise (did I just really say those words?), but somehow I lost my fervor for that. Exercise has become a punishment for me….  But in order to save myself, I must change my way of thinking!

Back in 2010, my life was filled with limitations. I weighed 363.6 pounds and struggled to carry that around on my frame. My knees are destroyed (they still are), I was not able to move freely and would be out of breath with the slightest of activity. But that was then, this is now!

Now, today, with 75 pounds gone, I will choose to celebrate all of the things I can do which allow me to be able to exercise.

I can walk for miles and miles and miles. And I enjoy being able to go on a long walk, when it’s not 98° outside! I have completed one half marathon back in 2014 and I am going to attempt another this November! Back in 2010, I needed to use a cane in order to get around. I do not need that cane any longer! That is a reason to celebrate!

I used to avoid taking any stairs at all costs! I still hate taking the stairs because my knees are destroyed, but I can! I prefer not to struggle with them, but I do not avoid them any longer! That is a reason to celebrate!

I am fairly strong for a girl! Even though I have a lot of excessive skin on my arms from my weight loss, underneath that are some very impressive muscles! One of my most favorite exercises is lifting weights. It makes me feel like a superhero, even if just for a short period of time! And that is a reason to celebrate

My absolute most favorite exercise is dancing! Prior to 2011, I was a wallflower (kinda). I would hit the dance floor occasionally but I would only show off my pitiful “white girl moves” and stand back in the corner and I hope no one paid any attention to me. But boy he has that changed! Now, if there is a dance floor nearby, you can guarantee you will find me on it! I still only have “white girl moves” but I sure do you have fun while I’m busting it these days! And that is one of the best reasons to celebrate – just to have fun!

Other things that I can do because I have chosen to lose weight? I can ride a roller coaster, fasten a seatbelt on an airplane without an extender, my belly doesn’t touch my steering wheel anymore, wear something sleeveless without wishing to die from embarrassment and generally smile more from my soul!

Exercise is not a punishment for the poor food we may have chosen to eat. The ability to exercise is a celebration of the body we were given and being able to use it to its full potential!

FullSizeRender (002)

Dear Weight Watchers: I am not doing this again!

Tomorrow is my weigh-in day. It is also the 5th anniversary of when I joined Weight Watchers. I would like to announce that I have been at my goal weight for three years, but that would be a total lie! I am further from my goal weight today than I was after my first Weight Watchers anniversary.

I lost 100 pounds in my first year, 30 additional pounds in my second year, and in the past three years, I have managed to gain back 50 pounds! I am bad at math, but even I can figure out that I am doing something wrong!

So tomorrow, when I go to weigh-in, I will do something that I have not done in five years! I am starting all over. I mean, a complete fresh start! I will step on the scale and what ever I weigh tomorrow, that is my starting point. I am making myself half-crazy fretting over the amount of weight that I have lost, gained, lost again, and gained one more time. So in order to help with my sanity, I am starting all over and fresh!

Of course, I will be keeping a tally of how much I have lost from my original starting weight of 363.6 pounds, but January 6, 2016 is my new start.

I am breaking off my torrid love affair with Ronald McDonald, I am no longer going to be BFFs with a Little Debbie, and I am going to sweat like a pig, while becoming a fox! I owe this all to myself because I am worth the effort!


The girl who is determined to get it right this time!



Dear Weight Watchers: I knew this would happen as soon as Oprah got involved!

Surprise, surprise, surprise! I knew the moment that I heard that Oprah had bought into ownership of Weight Watchers that things were going to change! And here we are, anxiously awaiting the rollout of what is new for 2016 at Weight Watchers! Tomorrow, I go to my meeting and will get the scoop on the changes that are being made. And I have to honestly tell you, that my stomach is tied in knots-Not because I am scared, it’s because I’m excited!

I normally do not like change! I have a stubborn streak in me that runs pretty deep. I like to dig my heels in and not go with the flow when it comes to things being altered in my life. But, I am very excited to hear about how Weight Watchers has reinvented itself, once again! WHY??

I believe in Weight Watchers! I believe in Oprah Winfrey! I have been a fan of hers ever since she pulled that wagon full of fat onto the stage of her show after she had lost 76 pounds wearing that black turtleneck tucked into those jeans! I was just a little girl, but I was already struggling with my weight. If anyone on this planet knows what it’s like to be addicted to food, succeed and fail at losing and maintaining weight loss-Oprah is the girl!

Am I anxious about the changes? You bet I am! But here is my take on the situation. It has been about 10 months since I tracked an entire week of food intake. I had lost a total of 130 pounds, I have gained back 50. Even though I love to exercise, I lost my passion for sculpting my body into something I could be proud of. In other words, I have been paying for Weight Watchers all this time, and not doing one single thing that would differentiate me as a Weight Watchers member. It is time to change!

So, tomorrow when I stroll into my “fat church meeting” I will approach the situation as a brand new member! I will forget what I had memorized about points plus values on my go-to foods. I will pretend that I know nothing about tracking my food. I will soak in all of the new information that is given to me. This is the perfect time for me to renew myself and start over! Everything is new at Weight Watchers, and I need to embrace it and enjoy it!

This will be good for me to be forced to look up the new points value of all foods I consume. I will need to measure my foods, count out my crackers, control my portions-you know, all those things that a good Weight Watchers member should already be doing. But I hope that with all the new information, I will be extra inspired to learn the new points values so that I can reconfirm the high value that I place on my OWN health and well-being.

So, I won’t be mad at Oprah . I won’t be angry at my amazing leader, Rita Sue for upsetting my apple cart. This new program may be exactly what I need to renew myself as a “brand-new” Weight Watchers member, so I can get to my goal weight and fulfill my dream-of becoming a weight watchers leader!

Challenge accepted Oprah, challenge accepted!


Picture on Left: Pre-Weight Watchers

Middle Picture: My smallest!! I had lost 130 pounds

Picture on Right: Last Saturday … at plus 50 pounds!


Dear Weight Watchers: Why would I pay you for this?

Every month like clockwork, you make a debit out of my checking account. Every month, without fail, you are taking money from me. I know that I authorized this transaction, but do you think I’m stupid?

You see, it appears that I am paying you my good hard-earned money to gain weight! This has to rank up there with one of the stupidest life events that I have participated in-EVER!

This is as stupid as going shopping for a new dress, paying the clerk for the dress, and then walking out of the store and leaving the dress hanging on the rack! I’ve got nothing to show for my purchase. Doesn’t seem like something a logical person would do!

When I first joined weight watchers in 2011, I really felt like I got my money’s worth! I lost 100 pounds in the first year. Then I lost 30 more pounds in the second year. And then, that’s when I literally started getting too big for my britches.

Over the past couple of years, I have been giving you money so that I can gain 40 pounds! What happened Weight Watchers? Did something change?

Well, yes something has changed! But, when I am honest with myself, I know exactly whom to put the blame on! And none of this is Weight Watchers fault!

When I work the plan, the plan works-without fail! Every. Single. Time. So, what the malfunction? I am not working the plan! It is that simple.

I do not track my food, I do not exercise. I do plan my meals, but hardly ever stick to the schedule. If I have to miss a Weight Watchers meeting, that’s no big deal. I’ll just go next week! And all of this nonsense put together perfectly explains my 40 pound gain!!

I have a list of excuses as long as my left arm! Life is happening all around me! But for every excuse I have it, there is also some truth that I have to except! I am choosing to waste my money on Weight Watchers!

I make the choices to not track my food. I also make my choice to not exercise. But I have no good excuses for that! I have a brand-new food tracker, which is still empty. I have my exercise bike, walking shoes, weights, resistance bands, and a lake side resort that I live in to go for a walk every morning or evening— and I choose to not move! I eat Dinner after 9 PM about 60% of the time.

And what good is it for me to let you debit my checking account when I am not playing along with the plan? Well, that’s exactly it! There is no good coming from this.

Until now, something has to change!

At one point, I had lost 130 pounds! Now I have lost 90.6 pounds! I have been paying a hefty monthly fee to gain 40 pounds! That sure makes me feel pretty stupid!

But, I know what to do! I know how to be the model weight watchers member! Now, it is time for me to put some goals and a plan into action!

I need to do something for myself that makes me proud! Proud of my choices, proud of my efforts, and proud to have Weight Watchers take my money every month! It’s the best money that I spend and has undoubtedly saved my life!


The Girl Who Will Never Quit–Even If It Takes Me A Lifetime To Reach My Lifetime Goal


Dear Weight Watchers: I can’t do this!

Dear Weight Watchers: I can’t do this!

Back before Weight Watchers strolled into my life I was basically a scaredy-cat! I didn’t want to try anything new and was certain I would fail if I did attempt. The first words that would pop into my mind were always “you can’t do that”! My every day existence was a bundle of limitations! Over the past few months, I have had lots of wonderful life experiences which were previously plagued by my insecurities in the past!

But then, I developed a new relationship! I found stability. I found trust. I found happiness. And I also found there are so many things that “I can do!” In 2011, I began my long-term relationship with Weight Watchers. When I have been unfaithful, WW is always a constant. Unwavering and always welcomes me back when I have strayed!

My relationship with Weight Watchers has afforded me the opportunity to learn things about myself that I never knew were possible! It has turned all of my “CAN’T” into I “CAN”! I used to watch my life happen around me while I was sitting on the sidelines. But now I can be an active participant in my own new life!

I used to hide my physical imperfections underneath cardigan sweaters and shrugs. But now, I have the confidence to show my arms in clothing for the first time ever. Yes, I still have saggy arms from where I’ve lost weight, but I am not ashamed to bare them in public. No one laughs and points at me so why should I feel insecure about it? I CAN wear anything that makes me feel sassy about myself!

This weekend, some friends of mine bought a new house boat. While on the tour, I noticed the hallway to the bedroom was very tiny. Immediately, my brain thought, “I can’t fit in there so I will just stand out here and not embarrass myself trying to fit into the tight space.” But occasionally, I have to remind myself that I can fit into places now. I was easily able to fit down the hallway without even turning sideways! Secretly in my head, I was giggling while I did it! That was a huge victory for me.

For years, I have feared water—- feared my certain death if I was near in (or in it). But, now, every day I am on the water. I walk on a floating dock which moves every step I take. In the past, I was too afraid that I would be the one who would make the dock collapse, due to my weight, and I would plummet into the water and drown (not to mention be so embarrassed that I would WANT to die anyhow). However, none of those things have happened. Since dropping 100 pounds, I trust the water a little more (not TOTALLY, but more!). When I step on the houseboat or on the pontoon boat, they move!! But, I do it with confidence now. They move when ANYONE steps on them— even a child! I CAN do things that normal people do, and I CAN do it without fear!

And just as a re-cap, I CAN also:

Drive my car without my belly touching the steering wheel

Fit into booths at restaurants without feeling like a busted can of biscuits spilling out on the table

Ride in an airplane without needing a seatbelt extender

Complete several 5K’s

Complete a half-marathon (and not die)!

Cross my legs

Wear sassy high heel shoes

Shop in a non-plus size specific store and department


The Girl Who Isn’t Scared of What She Can’t Do Anymore


Dear Weight Watchers: How can I afford this?

Dear Weight Watchers: How can I afford this?

Sometimes in life we make purchases and we know exactly what to expect when we spend our money. Often times you get what you pay for. Sometimes you get gypped.

When I started paying Weight Watchers in January 2011, it was an expense I wasn’t sure I could afford. After all, why should I have to pay someone to stand on a scale for six seconds a week and be told how much I weigh? I am more than capable of doing that myself in the privacy of my bathroom where I can cry if the news is bad!

Is Weight Watchers just a big racket designed to take my money and give me nothing in return? I can say with 1,000,000% certainty that Weight Watchers is one of those things where you get what you pay for! It is the best money that I spend all week!

Since I joined Weight Watchers, I have lost 130 pounds and also gained back 30 pounds-which I am fighting to lose again! However, the list of things that I have been able to obtain by paying my Weight Watchers membership fees are truly priceless!

I will take just a few minutes and recap some of the non-scale victories which I have experienced just this past week!

All my life, I have been scared of water. I don’t want it in my face, I have never jumped into a pool or lake, I don’t like splashing games and leaving dry land has never been on my list of things that I wanted to do. But recently I have been experiencing boat life! And it is very refreshing to know that my fears are almost gone! I believe that most of my fear regarding water has always been a trust issue. I didn’t trust that the water would hold me up, thus I would drowned. I didn’t trust that if I left land and stepped onto a boat, that it would sink. I didn’t trust that no one would make fun of me if I caused the boat to move while I walked around on the pontoon. But much to my surprise, none of those things have occurred! I have not drowned, the boat has not sunk and a pontoon boat moves when skinny people get on it and no one judges… Anyone!!

Back over 20 years ago, I went to an amusement park and I was brave enough to get on a roller coaster! However, I was escorted off the roller coaster before the ride could start because I was not able to fit securely into the cart. I was too fat!! This one event has scarred me emotionally more than I can explain. The walk of shame that I had to take down the exit ramp without my friends with me and without the windblown look to my hair from the enjoyment of the ride was devastating! However, this past weekend at Dollywood, I overcame that emotional hurt from so many years ago! I climbed on roller coaster after roller coaster and no one asked me to leave because I was a danger to myself. I even got on the ride where your legs dangle freely while you are being plummeted to an almost near certain death experience! It was a tight fit to fit into the harness, but I fit perfectly! There was no embarrassment, no shame involved-only pure joy and exhilaration! Spending all this money on Weight Watchers has made it to where I can do things without limitations!

While at an amusement park, it is required that you walk 4000 miles in one day to cover the surface area of the park! Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration but you get the point! I was able to keep up and walk all day long and not get winded or tired while doing so. Also I could easily climb the four flights of stairs in order to get up to the platform to ride the roller coasters. These are things that I couldn’t do before I started paying my Weight Watchers fees!

We all know that there are parts of our bodies that we wish to keep Hidden! Don’t get me wrong, I am very proud of how hard I have worked in order to add some new shape to my body! I am proud of my curves and enjoy working out to transform and sculpt my shape. But there are portions of my body which I guard extremely close! My arms are a hot mess! They are just a flopping mass of loose skin and they are hideous! Underneath that loose skin are some very impressive muscles! They are there, I can feel them, but no one can see them. The only solution for my “bat wings” is surgery to remove the skin. And in the meantime, I have worked diligently to hide that portion of my body with clothing! But, refer back to my earlier reference of boat life! It is hot on a boat in the middle of the lake! This past weekend, we took the pontoon (which I did not sink) out to meet some friends on their house boat on the lake. I knew there would be a lot of beautiful people on that boat! Folks who are comfortable enough in their skin to wear bathing suits and bikinis while socializing! That thought process fills me with anxiety and terror! I am the queen of the “cover up”! But, I have this new level of trust! I put on a cute maxi skirt and bravely slipped into a black tank top! Yes, a tank top with no sleeves in it! So what if someone looks at the flappy skin on my arms and wonders why they look so bad? If they ask, I will be glad to brag to them about how I have lost over 100 pounds and the flappy skin is a result of that effort! And you know what, not one person judged. I did see a few people glance at my arms and I am sure they may have been grossed out by them a bit but no one made me feel bad! I danced and laughed and socialized all while bearing my arms in public. The world did not stop turning! Everything was just fine! This is just another perk from the money I have invested in Weight Watchers!

So, can I afford to go to Weight Watchers? Absolutely I can!!  Look at all the luxuries and enhancements which Weight Watchers has afforded to me! It is worth every dime!


Dear Weight Watchers Founder: Sorry I didn’t get this to you sooner!

Jean Nidetch, to say that I am a bit tardy in getting this letter to you is an understatement.  You are the founder of Weight Watchers and I just read that you passed away today at the age of 91. Honestly, I don’t know that I have ever heard your name before today… but I feel that I need to share something with you.

Even though we never met, I can honestly say that you are my hero! Without a shadow of a doubt, you have saved my life. When you founded Weight Watchers many many years ago, you never envisioned that a chubby little girl from Chickamauga, GA would be depending on you and your VISION for a healthy lifestyle. If it wasn’t for you and the company which you discovered, I would not be the person that I am today!!

I want to personally say THANK YOU for creating Weight Watchers!! Because without you and without WW in my life,

I would:

Instead of:
Weight at least 400 pounds today Having lost 100+ pounds
Be using a wheelchair for mobility Being a Half- Marathon Finisher
Wear 4X size clothes Enjoying my curves in my size 16 jeans
Still be searching for the magic pill or surgery to fix me Knowing that EVERYTIME without fail, when I work the WW Plan, the WW Plan Works!
Spend a fortune on Drive Thru Food Spending a fortune on fresh fruits and Veggies
Drink a Gallon of Sweet Tea each day Drink over a gallon of water each day
Be in excruciating pain with my knees, back, hips and ankles. Managing the discomfort of my knees, back, hips and ankles.
Wearing flat and ugly shoes Feeling sassy in knee boots with heels
Be on a variety of medicines to help with all of my weight induced illnesses Taking only Vitamins
Choose to sit and watch TV and not move Fitting in a workout or walk every chance I get
Not have a success story to tell Sharing my Weight Loss story with hundreds of people this past year
Only be able to shop at “Big Girl Stores” Being able to purchase clothes in ANY store I choose!
Be unhappy with myself Finding new happiness within my soul
Be dreamless

Having the dream of becoming the most amazing Weight Loss Leader EVER on the planet Earth!

I know that WW has morphed over the years, but the common theme is still there! Eat Less, Move More… it works like a charm!! And thank you, Ms. Nidetch, for caring enough about the real struggles of weight loss to found Weight Watchers— and single handedly giving me a life that I never thought was possible!!


The Chubby Little Girl From Chickamauga, GA


Dear Weight Watchers: Have You Missed Me?

You know those times in your life when events unfold around you and you allow yourself to become distracted from the things that mean the very most to you in your life? Well, I am a living that exact thing right this second! And guess what thing that I care about was the simplest item to dismiss from my day to day attention? Weight Watchers!

 After all, let’s think about this! When I am stressed out, do I really have time to count points on the box of crackers which I am plowing through? When I have new and exciting things happening in my life, do I really want to take time to track and write down all of my food? And when in the world am I supposed to squeeze in some exercise? I mean, I’ve got things I’ve got to do! I can’t possibly exercise! And, since I am so busy and haven’t been on plan for a while, then it makes the most sense that I wouldn’t go to my Weight Watchers meeting either! Who wants to stand on the scale and see another 4 pound gain?

Giving up is easy! I know what it feels like to give up on things, but one thing that I refuse to give up on is reaching my goal weight!

We often use the catch phrase “fell off the wagon” when we talk about Weight Watchers. Well, I think it is fair to say that I have jumped off the wagon, the wagon is on fire and has rolled down a big hill and fell over a cliff and broke into 274 million pieces! The wagon that I was in control of is now gone! But the good news is that I know exactly how to build another bigger and better wagon! I am collecting my lumber, gathering some nails and finding the pattern to make a brand new one!

 Now, let me go back and revisit some of my earlier questions and answer with a rebuttal:

 Do I really have time to count points? Of course I do! That’s all part of the planning process! When I make the effort to be prepared for my meals and my snacks, then I am not caught off guard and end up making poor choices!

 Do I have time to sit down and track all of my food intake? Naturally, I do! There was a time in my journey when I loved to do the tracking! Looks like it is time to start falling in love again with the process of getting to my goals!

 Exercise! Seriously, I do enjoy exercise! I honestly can’t believe that I wrote that, but I really do enjoy it! It used to be so much a part of my everyday life that it was automatic like brushing my teeth! But I have gotten lazy and that makes me sad! It’s time to get up, put on my shoes, put on some clothes that make me feel like I am working out and then hit the pavement! No excuses allowed!!

As for missing my meetings, most of those occurrences have been because of work obligations, but there is no excuse for me to miss a weigh in! For Pete sakes, the Middle Tennessee Weight Watchers office is at the end of the road where I work! There should be no good excuse! However, I can find one all the time! And missing my meetings is what I am most ashamed of! I need my Fat Church meetings! That is where I get refueled for the next week. Some of my best friends are sitting in those seats next to me and when I am not there, I miss them and I know that they miss me too! So, I am recommitting to being in Franklin Tennessee at 9 o’clock every single Wednesday! Nothing else can take precedence over that timeslot! It’s too important to me to let that happen!!

Part of this rebuilding process is to work towards finding balance in my life versus expecting perfection! I can’t be perfect, but I can locate a nice balance in my life, in all aspects of my life!

I have missed you greatly Weight Watchers! I look forward to being welcomed back in your loving arms!


The Prodigal Daughter